The Open Source Geospatial Community

Pedro-Juan Ferrer Matoses
November 2013, Castellón de la Plana
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Who am I?

  • Project manager & Cartographer
  • Charter Member
  • Liaison Officer of the Spanish Language Local Chapter
  • Member of Chapter Board of Directors


  • What is OSGeo?
  • OSGeo projects
  • Events
  • Software in your pocket
  • OSGeo Labs
  • OSGeo Community

What is OSGeo

  • Open Source Geospatial Foundation
  • A non-profit organization registered in U.S.A.
  • Started in February 2006
  • Similar in operation to the Apache Foundation
  • Everyone is a volunteer

OSGeo Mission and Goals

To support the development of open source geospatial software, and promote its widespread use
  • Provide resources for projects
    • Technical
    • Legal
    • Funding
  • Promote freely available data
  • Promote project use in industry

Some more goals

  • Encourage the use of standards
  • Provide a common brand of quality
  • Make software more accessible to users
    • Provide installers
  • Provide support for OSGeo software use in education

OSGeo Structure

Diagram of the OSGeo Structure

OSGeo Committees

Diagram of the OSGeo Committees

OSGeo Local Chapters

OSGeo Local Chapters

OSGeo Spanish Speaking Local Chapter

  • Language oriented
  • 492 members in mailing list
  • Some devs, mainly support


Mapping for Philipines Cartografiando en Filipinas para OSM

OSGeo Projects


  • Web Mapping
  • Desktop Applications
  • Geospatial Libraries
  • Metadata catalogs

Some name-dropping

Some project logos

Not only software projects

  • Public data
  • Education & Curriculum
    • Educational materials
    • ICA-OSGeo Labs Network
  • OSGeo Live


  • Annual international FOSS4G
  • Regional events
FOSS4G locations

Laussane, Victoria, Cape Town, Sidney, Barcelona, Denver, Nottingham, Portland

OSGIS 2004, Otawa, Canada

OSGIS 2004, Otawa, Canada

First FOSS4G

Where FOSS4G brand was born

FOSS4G 2006

1st international FOSS4G in Laussane, 2006. ~560 attendees

FOSS4G 2013

FOSS4G 2013 in Nottingham, UK. ~1000 attendees

Regional events

Software in your pocket


OSGeo4W package manager

OSGeo Live

OSGeo Live Desktop

Live DVD of FOSS4G software

  • 61 Open Source Geospatial Applications
  • Open Datasets ready to use
  • Project Overviews and Quickstarts (10 minute tutorials)
  • Translations in 11 languages

What is good for:

  • Excellent way for new users to quickly
    try Open Source GIS for the first time
  • Has consistent summary of all projects, in one place
  • Training resource for workshops and education

OSGeo Labs

ICA-OSGeo agreement

“Geo for all”

OSGeo Labs Goals

  1. Establishing research and training
    opportunities in open source GIS
  2. Provide worldwide learning platform
  3. Build teaching and research
    infrastructure worldwide

OSGeo Labs network

OSGeo Labs network

Source: OSGeo Labs locations

Join the network

OSGeo Community

Is the community easy to work with?

  • “Is my bug fixed?”
  • “The documentation is out-of-date”
  • “I'm new...”
  • “When is the next release?”

What does the community need?

  • YOU!
  • Helping with documentation
  • Testing/providing feedback
  • Answering questions on mailing lists
  • Sharing your passion

Are you interested?

Join the discuss mailing list and come on board!


The Open Source Geospatial Community